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    Hey, I am Andriy, and I am a second-year BBA student! Coming from a small town in Ukraine, I was fascinated about making a transition to a capital of an EU country. And what a capital this is! I am delighted to be studying in this glorious and marvelous city. I am also very humbled to call the Prague University of Economics and Business my alma mater. The atmosphere of these places itself inspires growth and motivates to improve! Combined with the fact that simply studying was never enough for me, and my developed habit of always dedicating some time to pursue different activities, I swiftly made the decision to become an ambassador. Working alongside the people from VŠE Ambassadors is certainly the opportunity I was looking for, since it combines all the things I love doing so much: connecting with others, creating events, brainstorming, getting out of the comfort zone, and, of course, helping people. I hope that for anyone who reaches me or my colleagues, the time spent at the university will be as exciting as it possibly can be. Let’s enjoy the student life together!

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