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1.12.2017 - 30.4.2018 - Applications to degree programmes are opened

12.2.2018 - 11.5.2018 - Lectures

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Welcome Weekend

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new friends and fun!

We hope that you are just as excited to be at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) as we are to have you!

That´s why we invite you to join our Welcome Weekend  - a weekend packed full of activities and events designed to help familiarize you with VSE, make new friends, aid in academic success and meet different degree program students from around the university. Some activities will introduce you the university life and enable you to start the studies off successfully, while other activities are optional based on your interests and needs.

You can look forward to taste the Czech nature and enjoy the outdoor games with your new friends!


Date: September 22 – September 24, 2017

Departure: Friday September 22, 14:00 from VSE campus, W.Churchill Square 4

Arrival: Sunday September 24, 16:00 to VSE campus, W.Churchill Square 4

Destination: Dobronice u Bechyně, VSE sport center

VSE sport center is located in Dobronice u Bechyně. Its location near the river Lužnice allows you to appreciate the beautiful nature of the South Bohemia and offers variety of sports facilities as well as great places for relax.

Price: 2300 CZK (approx. 90 EUR). This price includes accommodation, transportation, food, program, sport facilities

Accommodation: bungalows 2-3 person/room, University wifi „Eduroam“ available in the area

Transportation: bus

Food: full board (5 meals/day), drinks for the whole day

Applications are now closed.




During this Welcome weekend, you can:

  • Enjoy variety of outdoor activities and teambuilding games and enjoy the time with your new friends
  • Meet your classmates and make friends for the whole period of studies
  • Learn about the Czech Republic and its culture, habits and trends
  • Gain the information about the study abroad possibilities and internships
  • Get to know the university
  • Socialize during the evening party
  • Have fun 🙂