Bachelor/Master degree in Economics

If you have earned your Bachelor/Master degree in Economics or similar field, the nostrification can be done at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Applicant has to send the documents to the Legal Department of the university:

Legal Department
Prague University of Economics and Business (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze)
Nám. W. Churchilla 4,

13067 Praha 3,
Czech Republic


The mandatory documents are:

Legally attested copy of a diploma or similar document about graduation,

Diploma Supplement or list of completed exams,

Supplementary information confirming that the degree programme was carried out by an institution authorised to provide education comparable to higher education pursuant to Act.


Once the Legal department receives the documents, the email with all necessary data concerning the payment will be sent.

The fee to be charged for a certificate of recognition of diplomas/degrees which were awarded by foreign institutions of higher education shall be set at 3,000 CZK.

VŠE as an administrative authority shall decide on the application within 30 days.

If a foreign higher education is recognized, the applicant will receive a decision on recognition of foreign higher education enclosing a certificate confirming the equivalence to education obtained by completing the appropriate type of degree program at a public higher education institution in the Czech Republic

The request for recognition may be refused in case of discovering substantial differences in the degree programmes being compared or in case that the diploma was issued by foreign institution that is not authorized to provide higher education in the state where it has its seat.