Academic and Psychological Counselling for Students

Academic Psychological Counselling offers counselling for foreign students coming to study to the Czech Republic. Study abroad may be associated with problems of adaptation to a new environment, cultural adjustment or homesickness.

In counselling we observe not only the differences but also similarities which help the successful adaptation. From a psychological point of view, culture is not something we are born with, but rather something learned. It means that it´s possible to learn lots of new things during communication and encountering with the new culture. Learning other cultures is not merely passive assimilation. We create the culture and therefore the current world, as well as milieu at universities, is becoming multicultural.

We are happy to support you during your stay in the Czech Republic and you are welcome in our Academic Psychological Counselling. The counselling centre opening times are here. The visit is for free and anonymous and you do not need to make an appointment in advance.

The current schedule of Academic Psychological Counselling in Winter Semester 2019/2020  

Date Time Who Room
23/9 Pavlína Honsová 1-3 PM RB 302
25/9 Nikola Frollová 9:30-11:30 AM RB 423
7/10 Pavlína Honsová 1-3 PM RB 302
9/10 Nikola Frollová 9:30-11:30 AM RB 423
23/10 Nikola Frollová 9:30-11:30 AM RB 423
18/11 Pavlína Honsová 1-3 PM RB 302

For more information visit this website.

International students can also contact directly our consultants and make an appointment (urgent cases, etc.):

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