VSE provides accommodation in dormitories for all Degree students who apply for it and pay a deposit (see below). Information on this page is relevant for dormitories only. If you are not interested in living in dormitories, you can find accommodation on your own. The International Office does not provide any counselling or help with that due to capacity reasons.

Move in Date

The earliest move-in date for the Fall Semester 2023 is September 7, 2023. For the reservation dates etc., please refer here.


Dormitory reservation starts as published on the website of the dormitory. Students will be charged accommodation fee from the earliest move-in date even if they move in later. Students can move in only in office hours of the dormitory. Contact the dormitory manager at least 24 hours before your arrival by email. If you are planning to arrive during weekend, please make sure, that the dormitory manager is informed about your arrival in advanced Friday morning the latest. Contacts for dormitory managers for each of the dormitory buildings can be found on dormitories’ website.

Students are obliged to visit the dormitory manager as soon as possible after the arrival to arrange all necessary formalities. Please, note that the dormitory manager is only available during his/her office hours (see below)! For more information see dormitories’ website.

Early Arrival / Late Departure

There is a possibility to move in before the earliest move-in date for Degree students or move out after the day stated in your Accommodation Agreement.

If you are coming during summer holidays, let the Central Accommodation Office (ubytovani@vse.cz) know at least 7 days in advance. You may not receive the room you will be living during the semester, so you might have to move in to another.

If you are moving out after the day stated in the Accommodation Agreement, you need to let the Central Accommodation Office (ubytovani@vse.cz) know by email by the end of November (for Fall Semester) OR April (for Spring Semester). It might happen that you wouldn’t receive the same room as during the semester and thus you would have to move in to another one.

Basic Facts

The list of the dormitories and their description can be found here.

The newly enrolled Degree programmes students are accommodated at Jarov area (Palachova, Thalerova dormitory, University Hotel, Jarov II). All information about accommodation of newly enrolled Degree programmes students can be found here.

Information about accomodation for already studying Degree students can be found here.


  • Blankets, pillows, and bed linens are provided (students can request clean bed linens twice a month).
  • Dishes, pans, plates, cups, or eating utensils are not provided.
  • Laundry rooms available in each block.
  • Some other equipment can be borrowed for a low fee or even for free from the reception e.g. iron, vacuum cleaner, balls (volleyball, basketball), hand pump, First Aid Kit etc.
  • Internet connection is available in most of the rooms, however the network card (10/100-base-t) and RJ-45 non-cross over patch cable is needed. You shall receive an informative e-mail to your VSE e-mail account (access through Office 365 with InSIS username@vse.cz) from the Department of Network Infrastructure where all details about connecting to the network were indicated.


If you have applied for the dormitory accommodation via the ISKAM information system, a place is reserved for you. Nevertheless, a deposit must be paid in advance otherwise the place will not be guaranteed. More information can be found here.
The rent is to be paid AT ONCE at the beginning of the first week of classes. Please note that the payment can be done either in the cash point of the dormitory office (at the reception/dormitory manager’s office of each block) or at a bank located at the university. It is necessary to keep all receipts as a proof of payment.
The Accommodation Agreement can be found here.
All payments (including deposit), can be checked via a dormitory database called ISKAM. Use the same log-in details as for university information system (InSIS). For more details about ISKAM and your deposit, refer to this website.

Whom should I contact?

  • If you have any questions regarding the details of deposit payment or assigning the rooms, please contact Central Accommodation Office directly at ubytovani@vse.cz.
  • International Student Support SUZ VSE is dedicated to support all non-Czech students across VSE campuses. The support includes all issues related to the student accommodation. One-to-one appointments are offered as well as detailed advice by email (dormitorycoordinator@vse.cz) or by phone.
  • Please note that Czech is the official language while seeing the Dormitory Manager within her Office Hours. It is highly recommended to bring your Buddy to help you with interpreting.
  • Dormitory Facebook page International students SUZ VSE.
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