New Double-Degree Possibility for MIMG Students with the ZHAW, School of Management and Law, Switzerland

We are extremely stoked to announce a new addition to our Double Degree Programme family! This time, between the FBA at the Prague University of Economics and Business and one of the top business schools in Switzerland, the ZHAW.

Starting from the Academic Year 2022/2023, the qualified MIMG candidates will now be able to spend their second year at the partnering host institution of ZHAW, School of Management and Law, SUI, and earn their double Master’s degree as part of the newly landed double-degree programme delivered in English.

Upon successful completion of the double degree programme defined by both institutions, the students shall be awarded the following degrees:

VSE: Master in Management
The ZHAW: Master of Science (MSc) in International Business

Based on the bilateral arrangement, up to 5 double-degree spots will be available for MIMG students per academic year. Apart from academic excellence, the condition is they have finished at least 60 ECTS credits during their studies at FBA VSE and more…

>> In case of interest, feel free to see the Double Degree page for more information on the application procedure and prerequisites.