Fees & Study Grants

When applying for the specific programme, the application fee has to be paid. Once you are admitted into the programmethe tuition fee must be paid before the semester starts (always refer to your programme coordinator about the amount of the tuition fee). The difference between these fees and its amount can be found below.

Application Fee

For all bachelor, master and international MBA programmes, the application fee reaches 50 EUR.:

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee differs depending on the study programme:

  1. Bachelor’s programmes – 1.900 EUR/semester (3.800 EUR/academic year)
  2. Master’s programmes – 1.900 EUR/semester (3.800 EUR/academic year)
  3. PhD programmes – 5.000 EUR/academic year
  4. MBA programmes

Study Grants

VSE does not offer any scholarships nor financial assistance – apart from merit-based scholarships and a possible one-time financial award (this does not apply to all degree programmes, however).

Students could apply for other financial grants outside of the University of Economics, Prague, such as a Visegrad Fund – find out if you are eligible to apply here. Other scholarships can be found here.

Please note: Students having applied for the governmental grant at the Czech Ministry of Education could not use this grant for studying any study programme with tuition fee within the Czech Republic.