Health Insurance

Find below the information regarding your stay in the Czech Republic. Depending on the citizenship you are holding, you either belong to one of these categories: EU citizens (including those coming from the Schengen Area – Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) or non-EU citizens. According to this, please refer to the information below.

!Important information!

Please, be aware of the fact that the full and actual information is always available at the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.

EU Citizens

  • EU citizens (as well as citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) – has a European Health Insurance Card – its entitled the necessary and urgent health care free of charge
  • It is highly recommended to have a supplementary travel health insurance (conclude a contract in your home country before arrival to Prague)

Non-EU Citizens

Starting from August 2, 2021, the non-EU citizens, staying in the Czech Republic longer than 90 days, must contract a comprehensive health insurance with state insurance company Pojišťovna VZP within 90 days after their entry to the Czech Republic.

There are two options to choose from:

  1. contract the comprehensive health insurance with Pojišťovna VZP for the whole period of the stay (recommended)
  2. contract the comprehensive health insurance with any insurance company for the first 90 days of stay, and for the remaining time, contract the comprehensive health insurance with Pojišťovna VZP

The insurance contract can be carried out online. Please refer to this website of Pojišťovna VZP for more information and conditions.

Exceptions: As result of being parties to the International Treaty on Cooperation in the Area of Health and Social Security, medical travel insurance is not required from citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cuba, Japan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey and Serbia. The same exception applies to participants of the Erasmus Mundus program, Fulbright scholarship program, European Voluntary Service of the EC Youth in Action programmeas well as holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by another EU member state and a GHIC card issued by the UK. Detailed instructions to these exceptions are published here.