In addition to the Open House Day, webinars with academic directors, coordinators and prospective students will be organised in December 2021.


Links to join the webinars:



Bachelor Programmes

Programme E-mail address
Bachelor of Business Administration bba [at] vse.cz
Bachelor of Economics econ [at] vse.cz
Bachelor of International and Diplomatic Studies ids [at] vse.cz
Bachelor of International Business ibb [at] vse.cz

Master Programmes

Programme E-mail address
Economics and Public Policy epp [at] vse.cz
Economic Data Analysis fismasters [at] vse.cz
International Business – Central European Business Realities ib [at] vse.cz
International and Diplomatic Studies ids [at] vse.cz
International Management CEMS MIM martina.cizkova [at] vse.cz
Information Systems Management fismasters [at] vse.cz
Master in Finance and Accounting mifa [at] vse.cz
Master in Management mimg [at] vse.cz


Did you know that students of the International Degree programmes…?  

  • come from 94 countries? 
  • have the same benefits as Czech students, including the chance to get merit scholarship? 
  • are guaranteed a spot at the university dormitories? 
  • can spend one semester abroad at one of nearly 250 partner universities?