Application & Admissions


The application process opens every year on December 1 and closes on April 30. However, there are some programmes that differ in the deadlines (check-out the section “News” or “Important dates” where all important information are listed).

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The application fee for all bachelor and master programmes is 50 EUR (1,300 CZK) and has to be paid through the Information System after registering the E-application. The administration fee is non-refundable.

In order to be admitted at VŠE, the entrance exams has to be passed successfully. These exams have various requirements depending on a specific programme. It is highly suggested to consult the websites of programmes to check the details first or you can download a leaflet where all requirements are listed.

Pre-enrolment confirmation

After being admitted, it is necessary to confirm your intention to study. This step is to be carried via the university information system (InSIS) by your faculty’s deadline.

This confirmation is only preliminary and serves not as a regular enrolment in the study programme. However, if not granted by the deadline, the applicant will be considered as not interested in studying at VŠE and will be removed from the list of applicants.

Please follow this picture guide to proceed this confirmation.

Evaluation of Previous Studies

If you have earned your Bachelor/Master degree in Economics or similar field, the nostrification can be done at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE).

VŠE as a higher education institution which was awarded institutional accreditation is, pursuant to Section 48 (4) to (6) of the Act on Higher Education Institutions, entitled not to require within the admission procedure a document on the general recognition of equivalence of education gained abroad and may itself, for the purposes of the admission procedure, assess whether the applicant’s education attained abroad meets the legal condition for admission to studies.

In order to use this procedure, an applicant shall fill in this electronic request, pay the fee in accordance with the following instructions and send notarised copies of documents proving their education together with an official translation to the Czech or English language via regular mail to the address:

Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE v Praze)
Legal Department (pravni oddeleni)
Nam. W. Churchilla 4
130 67 Praha 3
Czech Republic

In case of secondary education it will be
  1. a notarised copy of a relevant foreign document on secondary education,
  2. a confirmation of the relevant secondary school abroad or any other authorised body in the respective country on the fact that the secondary school leaver of the foreign secondary school concerned is in the given country entitled to apply for a bachelor degree programme,
  3. their official translation to the Czech or English language, where applicable.
In case of a higher education diploma it will be
  1. a notarised copy of a diploma or similar document on accomplishing the studies issued by the relevant university/college abroad,
  2. a notarised copy of a diploma supplement or a transcript of records,
  3. their official translation to the Czech or English language, where applicable.

VŠE as an administrative authority shall decide on the application within 30 days.

The fee to be charged for a certificate of recognition of diplomas/degrees which were awarded by foreign institutions of higher education shall be set at 3,000 CZK. Once the Legal department receives the documents, the email with all necessary data concerning the payment will be sent.

An applicant will receive information on the result of the assessment via email. The result of assessment will be also sent directly to the faculty which conducts the degree programme the applicant is applying for. If the result is positive, it can be used for all degree programmes of all VŠE faculties in Prague where the relevant applicant had filed the application, before he/she submitted the Request for Recognition of Education Abroad.

If a foreign higher education is recognized, the applicant will receive a decision on recognition of foreign higher education enclosing a certificate confirming the equivalence to education obtained by completing the appropriate type of degree program at a public higher education institution in the Czech Republic

The request for recognition may be refused in case of discovering substantial differences in the degree programmes being compared or in case that the diploma was issued by foreign institution that is not authorized to provide higher education in the state where it has its seat.

*For more information contact the VŠE Legal Department at

If you have not earned your Bachelor/Master degree in Economics or similar field, the nostrification of your diploma should be done at other Czech universities

In case the Legal Department of the Prague University of Economics and Business receives the documents that cannot be recognized, the applicant will receive an email that will inform him that his documents will be sent to another – respective university or the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (information about Recognition here).

Application Fee

When applying for the specific programme, the application fee has to be paid. Once you are admitted into the programme, the tuition fee must be paid before the semester starts (always refer to your programme coordinator about the due date). The difference between these fees and its amount can be found below. For all bachelor, master and international MBA programmes, the application fee reaches 50 EUR (1,300 CZK).

Tuition Fee

* 3,800 EUR/academic year (1,900 EUR/semester) for students admitted before the academic year 2023/2024

Study Grants

VŠE does not offer any scholarships nor financial assistance – apart from merit-based scholarships .
From academic year 2024/25 programme MIFA offers merit-based scholarship to newly enrolled students.

Government Scholarship – Developing Countries

The Czech Government offers scholarship for the citizens of Berlorus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Etiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Zambia. The deadline for applications for the academic year 2024/2025 is on September 30, 2023.


At VŠE, the following master study programmes are included in this scholarship:

For more information about this opportunity, please refer to this website.

Visegrad Fund

Students can apply for other financial grants outside of the Prague University of Economics and Business, such as a Visegrad Fund – find out if you are eligible to apply here.

Please note: Students having applied for the governmental grant at the Czech Ministry of Education cannot use this grant for studying any study programme with tuition fee within the Czech Republic.

Other scholarships can be found here.