Development and Counselling Centre for Students and Alumni

The Development and Counselling Centre (RPC) is a development, counselling and mediatory department combining students and alumni.

The RPC department organises job fairs on the university campus and provides job opportunities as well as a counselling concerning future career of VSE students.

Furthermore, the Centre also serves as a mediator of the VŠE relations with business.


For Students

  • Are you looking for job? Look at our job offers, visit job fair CHANCE or some company presentation. Find information about companies and their offers for you in the glass display cases.
  • Is it difficult for you to adapt in the new environment? Visit our Academic Counselling Centre which is prepared to help you.

For Alumni

Prague University of Economics and Business is aware of importance of staying in touch with its graduates. Our cooperation takes form of:

  • Annual informal meeting Day with VŠE
  • Database of graduates
  • Involving our graduates in teaching