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11.9.2017 - 17.9.2017 - Orientation Week

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The University of Economics, Prague (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze – VŠE) is the largest university of economics in the Czech Republic, with a tradition spanning more than 60 yearsRanked in the top 3 “business schools” in CEE, offers EPAS accredited programmes and is a proud member of CEMS and PIM. Study programmes of the university meet the standards of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) - VSE was awarded the right to use the ECTS and DS Labels by the European Commission. VŠE offers a wide range of study programmes at bachelor, master and doctoral level, both in Czech and English.

It has developed strong relations with partner universities and companies from all around the world. Within this framework, many courses are taught by visiting professors and corporate experts.

The University’s six Faculties (Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Faculty of International Relations, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Management, located in Jindřichův Hradec) offer a comprehensive portfolio of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes in the fields of economics, business and management.

Currently, there are approximately 17 000 enrolled students at the University of Economics, Prague. Each year we send approximately 800 students for exchange studies abroad.

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