🌍 Share Your Culture with Kids at VSE Kindergarten! 🌟 | LITTLE EXPLORERS

Are you passionate about introducing children to the rich diversity of our world? Here’s your chance to make a meaningful impact by presenting your country and culture to the kids at VSE Kindergarten! Whether you’re from Colombia, Germany, or any other country, your unique perspective and experiences can inspire curiosity and foster cultural understanding.

Prepare a presentation about 30 min long for kids and introduce them to your country!

🎨 Here is what the presentation should include:

  • Share a brief introduction to your country, including the flag, traditional foods, inhabitants, and local wildlife.
  • Teach the children basic phrases in your language, a fun rhyme, or a memorable poem.
  • Engage them with a local song and dance.
  • Plan a cultural activity to make them feel involved, like playing a musical instrument or introducing them to a unique object from your culture!

👩‍👧‍👦 Interaction is Key:

  • Interact with the kids during your presentation. Ask questions and give high-fives for their participation!
  • If you bring treats🍬, ensure they’re wrapped or packed and lactose and gluten-free.

📅 Scheduling:

  • Let us know your  availability for visiting the kindergarten. The presentations usually take place from 10 a.m.
  • We’ll also need to arrange pre-visit meeting (online or in-person) about 20 minutes long to go through the presentation together, as you will have an assistant who will be  translating in Czech during the presentation.

💌 Are You Interested?

Would you like to share your culture with the children at VSE Kindergarten? Let us know by sending an e-mail to admissions@vse.cz

We are excited to hear from you!